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Easter: Remembering a Loved One with Flowers

Easter is a time of religious significance to many Christians across the nation. With Easter comes a time to reflect on certain religious beliefs on grief, acceptance of loss and how to memorialize those that have gone before us. The use of flowers is key in many religious and secular Easter ceremonies and laying flowers down on gravesites and headstones are a great way to memorialize those we've lost. Here are some of the best flowers to place in time for Easter.

Lilies are one of the most common and popular of all Easter flowers. They represent resurrection, celebration and new life. While the white lily is the most popular for Easter (often known as the "Easter Lily"), there are plenty of varieties, colors and arrangements that can be easily placed on a headstone or in a home garden as a personal memorial. Orchids are the rare exotic gems of the plant world. With countless color combinations, orchids often signal that Spring is here. Leaving an orchid for a lost loved one can show how much you treasured them in life and how that sentiment continues on even after they have passed.

Daffodils are bright flowers that uplift any arrangement. They can help bring color and height to any memorial floral arrangement or memorial garden. Daffodils are bulbs, much like lilies, and they represent new life and growth as they come up from their bulbs during the Spring often times year to year once planted. Roses are a classical memorial flower and with the coming of Spring, their colors are often more plentiful and bright. Roses symbolize love, devotion and stand out beautifully in a gravestone planter or in a garden.

With Easter upon us, it's important to remember those that have passed while also doing all that's possible to move forward with positive coping mechanisms. Flowers and flower symbolism has helped many cope with the pain of loss and knowing what flowers mean and what they represent may ease some of the hurt of grief. 

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